Our technology serves a mission

larger than us, making crypto

markets more

We thrive to deliver the best service to our counterparties and we are continuously working to improve our liquidity by improving our technology and quantitative research.
We make ongoing capital investments to ensure the well-being of all our employees so they can achieve excellence.
We invest significant time and resources to ensure our traders are at their peak performance at all times.

We leverage cutting edge quantitative research in our algorithmic strategies

code functions examples for quantitative strategies
woorton algorithm mathematics formula example

High-frequency trading

Our traders drive sustained success in high-frequency trading by following a highly disciplined scientific process.

Predictive models

We work continuously to expand our predictive models, diversify our strategy, increase our market participation, and reduce latency.

Quantitative strategies

Our thorough and extensive experience in financial markets allows us to never be short of new quantitative strategies and algorithms.

We build

Our proprietary infrastructure allows us to be connected to the global ecosystem and to be customized to match the needs of our counterparties.


Our end-to-end platform is seamlessly integrated to help you efficiently manage your operations, reporting and regulatory requirements, wherever you trade.


Our proprietary market-leading global multi-asset platform combines Woorton’s cutting-edge liquidity, internal execution, analytics and workflow solutions into one unified and customizable execution interface.


Our financial communications network provides secure and fully supported connectivity to our institutional OTC counterparties.


While developing our core infrastructure, we prioritize on keeping our data safe with several layers of security, from network firewall to proprietary OAuth2.


Our financial communications network provides secure and fully supported connectivity to our institutional OTC counterparties.


Whether we are trading on CEX or DEX, our infrastructure remains agnostic to communication protocol and we offer the same quality of liquidity.


We actively support the transformation of financial services

We believe that the global financial markets infrastructure is undergoing a deep transformation powered by blockchain and smart contracts. As strong believers and key player of the DeFi ecosystem, we are committed to help the movement grow and thrive.

We developed long-term partnerships with projects such as Melonport, Kyber Network, Ethfinex, Aragon and MAMA.

We trade with consistent liquidity 24/7