Case studies

Orderbook management
on multiple pairs for a €4Bn crypto exchange

Woorton complete team


European exchange valued over €4Bn

Offering their 3 million users access to digital assets, stocks and more

Looking for a market making partner

to support growth and ensure continuous flow for their user base

Long-term goal

Be able to switch the volume generated by their retail brokerage entity to the exchange instead of sourcing liquidity elsewhere at higher costs for them and users

Woorton’s assets

Algorithmic smart order routing
Aggregating liquidity venues and routing orders to find the best price
White glove service
Long experience in trading, coverage and client services, with the sole purpose of finding the best price for clients and no conflicted position
Strong counterparty position
Major player with 5-year track-record and strong results, enabling the deployment of our own capital to insulate client from additional counterparty risk, provide post-trading settlement and other financing solutions

Actions taken

Deployed capital and algorithms on the exchange
Allowing to capture the volume and fill orders for an exponentially growing user base, going from 0 to around 3 million users in 2 years.
Now live on 14 pairs 24/7/365
With SLA targets on spreads, liquidity depth and quoting uptime, 35 to 50% of overall volume captured on the platform.
Achieved very competitive liquidity
Allowing to shift volume from their retail broker to the exchange instead of more expensive external sources.

We trade everything everywhere
with everyone