Case studies

Electronic pricing and execution for a €3.5Bn crypto trading platform

Woorton complete team


US-based liquidity provider

Platform offering a suite of financial services for institutional investors interested in digital assets, with $10Bn of monthly transaction volume

Wide array of trading needs

Including 24/7/365 electronic trading, voice trading, market orders, fill-or-kill orders, blue chip and altcoins

Goal: partner with the best liquidity provider

Be able to switch the volume generated by their retail brokerage entity to the exchange instead of sourcing liquidity elsewhere at higher costs for them and users

Woorton’s assets

API access
State-of-the-art API allowing both-sided streams for market orders or fill-or-kill orders, up 99.99% of the time with a team of developers available for any question regarding integration or general troubleshooting
Credit lines
Credit line offering to sophisticated counterparties with a strong background and track record, allowing continuous trading depending on the counterparty’s set exposure and post-trade settlements
Altcoins and block trades
Majorplayer with 5-year track-record and strong results, enabling the deployment ofour own capital to insulate client from additional counterparty risk, providepost-trading settlement and other financing solutions

Actions taken

Smooth onboarding
In close contact with the tech team for a smooth integration with Woorton’s system
Quick and open line of communication
Quick access to developers and traders for altcoin, sourcing or block trades, daily interactions to confirm settlement amounts
Becoming the preferred partner
The counterparty trades 24/7/365 using Woorton’s competitive price streams and generates over €500M in volume.

We trade everything everywhere
with everyone